Acne Consultation

Acne Consultation

We treat acne without a prescription. Our clinical-grade acne skin care products are specifically designed to effectively penetrate the skin deep into the pore. The combination of exfoliating serums and benzoyl peroxide kills acne causing bacteria (P. Acnes Bacteria) while making the pore inhabitable. Our active ingredients work in conjunction with effective hydrators to minimize sensitivity and flakiness.

We’ll let you in on our secret…
It’s how you use our products that is the key to clear skin. Our acne specialists are trained to know that the skin will adapt. To assure that you are getting the most out of your products, we will adjust your home-care routine every two weeks.

During your one-on-one consultation we will:

  • Determine skin type, acne type and skin tolerance
  • Give you expert recommendations for acne treatments and acne skin care products you will need
  • Discuss lifestyle factors that can aggravate your acne (foods, cosmetics, stress, etc.)

Acne Consultation 30 minutes $50  (Redeemable at your next facial treatment. Valid for 8 weeks after consultation.) Click here for initial and ongoing facial treatments.