Female Waxing

Female Waxing

We use different waxes depending the area being waxed and your skin sensitivity. After the wax is applied it hardens and grips the unwanted hair. The wax is then quickly peeled off with or without wax strips, removing the hair along with it. The wax also removes dead skin, resulting in a brighter skin that is smooth, soft and hair-free. The waxed area may become red or irritated for a few hours, but usually improves quickly.

The Licensed Estheticians at our wax spa ensure that your body and facial waxing experience is as comfortable as possible. To minimize any discomfort you can also apply a topical numbing cream 45 minutes to an hour before being waxed. Relax and Wax No Scream is available for purchase from Pure Skin Care.

Facial Waxing

Brow Shaping (for clients who do not do eyebrow waxing regularly) $25
Brow Wax Elite (trim, eyebrow waxing & tweeze) $20
Brow & Lip $28
Chin $15
Lip $12
Lip, Chin & Side Burns $38
Nose Side & Rim $11
Side Burn $15

Body Waxing

Abdomen $30
Arm Full $42  |  Arm Half $35
Back Full $30  |  Back Half $16
Bikini Basic $32
Bikini Hi-line (between bikini & Brazilian) $40
Brazilian Bikini $60 Brazilian Bikini with Slow-Hair Serum $69
Buttocks Inner Strip $20
Buttocks Full $30
Leg Full $70  |  Leg Half $40
Leg Full & Brazilian $110
Underarm $25
Extra Hair & Patches $15

Additional fee may apply for excessive/long hair or patches. Please ask for quote.