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Acne Bootcamp

We understand your problem.

You’ve used products in the past that only worked temporarily.

You’ve given into the marketing hype of celebrity endorsed acne systems or multi-level marketing companies who promised you clear skin.

You’ve tried prescription medications like antibiotics or even Accutane (or its equivalents) only to get clear for a little while then continue to break out.

You’ve given up, and you’re not alone.



How we are different from everything else you’ve already tried.

One-Size-Fits-All systems don’t work! They fail to take into consideration that every skin and acne type is different. Our advanced approach takes into account:

  • Skin and acne type
  • Skin sensitivity and tolerance
  • Lifestyle
  • Your expectations

Pure Skin Care Acne Specialists will analyze your skin to determine whether you have:

  • Inflamed acne
  • Non-inflamed acne
  • Combination acne

We will then make expert recommendations for the best acne treatment and a home-care routine customized for you!

Your routine will work congruently with bi-weekly in-office treatments to achieve clear skin.

We can treat even the most stubborn acne.

Our Acne Clinic offers a clear skin system that combines clinical-grade products with customized professional treatments to get your skin clear in about three–four months.



Acne Services Offered