Face Reality Acne Med 5%


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A water-based benzoyl peroxide gel that penetrates pores where it fights acne-causing bacteria. Face Reality Acne Med 5% helps unclog pores and keeps them from clogging.

It is recommended for skin prone to inflamed acne and non-inflamed acne. Face Reality Acne Med 5% is appropriate for normal and oily skin types. Available in 1.5 oz size.

Key ingredients include:

  • 5% Benzoyl Peroxide: Reduces p. acnes bacteria and aids in peeling the inside of the pore
  • Glycerin: Moisturizes and lubricates the skin

Skin conditions:

  • Inflamed Acne
  • Non-inflamed Acne

Skin types:

  • Normal Skin
  • Oily Skin

Recommended use: Apply a thin layer over the affected area. Let dry.

DO NOT USE if allergic to Face Reality’s Acne Med 5% or any of its ingredients.

Additional information

Weight 2.2 oz
Dimensions 4 × 1.5 × .75 in

1 oz, 2 oz


Ingredients: Active Ingredient: Benzoyl Peroxide 5% Inactive Ingredients: Purified Water, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Carbomer, Sodium Hydroxide


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